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USBC Youth

What is USBC High School?

USBC High School

The United States Bowling Congress High School program offers assistance in the creation and maintenance of high school bowling programs to school administrators, high school state athletic associations, state proprietor associations, proprietors and industry member organizations.

USBC High School actively offers guidance to all levels of high school bowling by providing rules, instructional opportunities, membership, awards and industry resources to ensure the success of high school bowling nationwide.

USBC High School maintains strong relationships with the National Federation of High School Associations, state athletic associations, the Bowling Proprietorsí Association of America and USBC Coaching. It provides a steppingstone to further developmental opportunities such as collegiate bowling and the USBC Junior Gold program.


USBC High School serves as the resource for the creation and support of interscholastic high school bowling programs.

Varsity Recognition

The goal of USBC High School is to receive recognition as a varsity sport from each of the 51 state interscholastic associations. Each state interscholastic association has its own criteria for adding sports, so itís impossible to list all steps necessary in each state. Here are a few suggestions:

  • When creating the original program, be sure to contact the state interscholastic association and request their suggestions and ideas.
  • Always follow the rules and regulations for currently operating varsity sports in your state. Most state associations require a minimum number of schools to be participating. Determine that number at the beginning and expand the program annually to reach those numbers.
  • State interscholastic associations require that the schools themselves make the request to be recognized as varsity level. Determine from the beginning who will represent the schools, athletic directors or principals and make sure to communicate regularly.

However, a program can be recognized by any individual high school as a varsity sport within that school. Check with the school athletic director or principal to determine the steps necessary to have a program recognized as varsity team within individual schools.

USBC High School Team Membership Program

USBC High School offers high school bowling varsity and club programs a free team membership. Open to all high school teams that participate interscholastically, the program provides benefits exclusive to high school bowlers and coaches.



Letter jacket pins for 298, 299 and 300 games as well as 700, 800, 900 series and Baker 300 games. Additional awards for conference and team accomplishments are available for coaches/teams to purchase at bowl.com.

US Youth Bowler magazine

One complimentary issue of USBCís quarterly youth bowling magazine packed with tips, news and photos.


Eligibility for Dexter/USBC High School All-American Team consideration with $1,000 scholarship. Awards honor academic accomplishments, community service and high school bowling performance.



Complimentary copies of the USBC High School Official Guide and USBC High School Coaches Guidebook, offering rules, skill drills, team organization tips and more.

Athlete recognition

Coaches can nominate athletes for the Dexter/USBC High School All-American team, entitling youth to national recognition and scholarships.

Coaches: Register teams online at the High School section of bowl.com



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